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Family holding hands

Family conflict can arise in all households, but when you work with Diane Streng, MA, LLP, you'll be receiving unparalleled care and understanding. At Counseling & Consulting LLC, our 27 years of experience is used to bring families together in a space environment free of judgment.  


Diane Streng meets with each member of the family, whether it's a newly married couple or a family of five to get to know them personally. We understand that you might be more comfortable meeting individually at first before meeting as a group.

Helping families understand one another

Bringing your family together

If you're having a difficult time getting your spouse to come in, we'll work with you independently at first until both of you are ready to come together. We emphasize building a trusting relationship with patients. You can confide in us without having to worry about anyone else's feelings.

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  • Addiction to prescription or non-prescription drugs

  • Alcohol addiction

  • Christian counselling if wanted

  • Couples counseling

  • Family parenting and stepparenting

  • Gambling

  • Premarital, marital, and divorce

  • Pre and post abortion issues  

  • Sex addiction

Counseling services for you and your family

Your family is our top priority

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Shopping addiction

  • Spirituality

  • Work addiction

  • Depression

  • School issues

  • Anxiety

  • Communication Skills